Soldiers Raise Their Swords For This Heroic Dog. The Reason Why? I’m SOBBING.

It doesn’t matter where you were on that tragic date of September 11, 2001; we all wanted to understand and to do something to help. Countless American people felt this way, and thankfully, there were lots of people involved in the rescue efforts that allowed for many survivors to resurface. Looking back 15 years, it seems like that event only made us become more conscious of our strengths and weaknesses.

It was a Tuesday morning, and teams from all departments gathered to help at the scene immediately. Firefighters, Police Officer, Ambulances and Paramedics, and countless volunteers all helped to make the horrific situation a little bit more bearable for the people involved, and the help wasn’t limited to humans. Service dogs from police and firefighting teams heroically helped rescue people by getting into places no man could.

The video below is a special tribute to all the canine service dogs that valiantly gave all they had to save the victims of this very horrible and tragic event. It brings tears to my eyes to see just how many dogs were involved in the rescuing, and it puts a whole new perspective that I was never aware of before.

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