Some breathtaking moments with the majestic horses

Riding a horse to the beach or just looking at a beautiful black horse trotting in the field is a lovely experience. Horses have been around humans for centuries now. The trotting of the equines together is a sight that relaxes the human mind. Recently, one of the award-winning filmmakers and equestrian, Alyssa Mathews, decided to go on a quest to ride different horses and shared some of the moments online.

The first moment showed beautiful horses of different colors and breeds running in the wild. It was a sight to behold. These majestic beings stayed together in the wild as a family. Although they were domesticated by humans for centuries, they play an essential part in carrying people around on their backs.

However, nowadays, horse riding has become a hobby and a sport. In one of the other moments, Alyssa rode a beautiful brown horse. She patted the neck of the equine while riding. This showed what an incredible bond she had with her horse.

The snippet shifted to a different moment when horses were a part of the military. The bond of the horse rider and his/her horse was the most crucial factor in training them. The way the equines walked in sync showed how disciplined these magnificent creatures could be.

Love and care are two things that could help a rider come close to a horse. They are like any other farm animals, needing care and affection. Another snippet had a horse rider and her horse practicing for a tournament.

The next moment found Alyssa riding a dark brown horse with another rider near a water source. Again, she was involved in getting an insight into the behavior of horses. One of the things she found was these innocent beings had a child’s heart. She found one of the white horses playing with a stuffed toy like a toddler. Some horse breeds the talented equestrians had ridden were Appaloosa, Icelandic, Andalusian, Kiger Mustang, and Quarab. In addition, she rode Camarillo White Horse, Friesian Heritage Horse, California Vaquero, Georgian Grande, Colorado Ranger, American Saddlebred, Dales, Morgan, and Spanish Mustang.

The way Alyssa trained the horses and cared for them was remarkable. The beautiful costumes her horses wore were rarely seen. She rode deep into the forests with her horse and enjoyed the peace and calmness of nature. Alyssa showed the horses from a totally different perspective, which was beautiful and gave her followers an insight into their lives. It was a complete journey of discovering her passion for majestic horses.

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Some breathtaking moments with the majestic horses