Someone Asks This Huskie A Question. I Was Flabbergasted By Her Answer.

There are times when it seems like cats and dogs seem to be talking to us when we ask them questions. Dogs especially seem capable of making sounds that seem to form words. We’ve seen videos of them saying things like “I Love You.” It’s so cute and endearing, but you have to prepare yourself for this video that takes things to a whole different level. We see a pooch that seems capable of doing a Q & A session.

Mishka, a huskie, is sitting in a hallway near some and she’s asked some questions that it really sounds like she’s answering. “Are you pretty?” “Yes, I am!” She sounds like that for a few more questions then the big one comes: “Are you stupid?” “Noooooooooooo!” She then gets mad and goes on a rampage around the house. Just kidding. She just barks some more and probably plots to poop on someone’s shoe in revenge.

We’ve seen Mishka before too. I wrote about a video where she said she wanted potatoes for dinner. This time, she’s not asking for her choice of a meal. It’s cute to hear her answer the questions from her mommy. Imagine if she had answered “Absolutely not! I am NOT stupid! What do you take me for?” and then stomped off. I think we would have seen the camera fall to the floor after someone dropped it in shock.

The chances of Mishka actually understanding the words that came out of her mouth are pretty low. She could be mimicking the last part of each question. Still, it’s a lot better than what my dog or cat could do. I ask my cat if she’s a pretty girl and she just gives me a nice long blink to show that she’s happy. I think that if she could talk, she would just be asking me to feed her or pet her…

Wasn’t Mishka so amazing? Has your dog done anything like this? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section!

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