Someone Stole This Baby Goat Away From His Mom, And Their Reunion Is Heart-warming

Every parent gets worried whenever they are not with their children, and not just human parents. Animals have a similar sense of loss when they lose a baby, but they also understand the difference between the death of their baby and the baby being taken away. That’s what happens in this next clip to this momma goat who immediately knows something is very wrong. Imagine this mama goat’s panic when a heartless thief steals her baby away from her and she could do nothing about it.

The goats were at some sort of fair in a pen when someone took baby GusGus for some reason. Later, a man walking his dog found GusGus in a ditch where he had been abandoned, and he took him to Petsmart where they were able to locate the owner and his mama. GusGus was hungry, but otherwise safe and healthy.

The people from the pet store really stepped up to find this baby goat’s mother and reunite him with mama. The mother recognized her kid immediately and after a quick greeting, GusGus got down to the business of nursing and then the two are shown resting together peacefully, happy to be together again.

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