Someone Stole The Kitty Snacks Again, But Who Could It Be

There are plenty of videos of owners confronting their pets after they have made a mess, and dogs are the stars of these sort of clips. This time we have the classic of Denver the Labrador that has a soft spot for cat treats. Watch as she can’t hide her guilt when daddy investigates the culprit behind the missing kitty snacks. They must have been totally irresistible because poor Denver just couldn’t help herself.

Meet Denver, a sweet Labrador who has a weak spot for snacks, specifically kitty cat treats! When her daddy finds an empty bag of treats on the floor he asks Denver’s sister, Macy, about her connection to the crime. Macy’s response: “I did’t do it! Honest!” So then the camera zooms in on Denver, it’s clear she’s hiding something!  It’s written all over her sweet face! Worst poker face ever! But what a darling smile!

Dogs really cannot lie. Their facial expressions give them away every time. I once saw a German Shepherd who looked like he was praying to be able to avoid confronting his owner after he had been bad. Bottom line, all these furry felons are absolutely adorable and genuinely guilty! Even Macy, Denver’s much older sibling. Denver’s owner hasn’t forgotten about Macy’s involvement in all this, but Macy can’t hear so she’s not the least bit worried about being in trouble.

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