Somethings you can only see with the heart! The proof? Fifteen-year-old cat shows it proudly!

Shakespeare once wrote “the eyes are the window to the soul.” A popular idea, but dear Billy never met Velma. I think while the phrase is poetic its obviously not a scientifically based statement. Cataracts affect all kinds and blindness is a rough diagnosis to hear. Adapting to dulling senses is a part of growing up. Once strong physically, we may retain a sense of our strength or it may even turn inwards, becoming a part of our mental strength.

Precious fifteen-year-old Velma has been around the block a few times. She’s a bit aged, but that doesn’t stop her from being as loving or enjoyable to be around. After her owner passed away, Velma and her sister found themselves in the care of a local police station. Such a tragically sad loss for Velma and her sister. They were held at a facility which specialized in dog rescues. An odd choice if you want to maximize the possibility of these two sad kittens finding a loving home after the loss of their late owner.

With many different rescues available, they decided to move the cats to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary. Her sister was adopted rather fast; however, a blind 15-year-old cat can be rather hard to encourage others to adopt. Most see the age or the negatives, rather than taking an honest account of Velma. There are so many positives that I guess people are just used to looking for the bad things rather than the good.

Velma is full of so much love. She may be a bit unkempt, but she has a hard time seeing while she cleans herself. This isn’t a negative, we are all capable of a lot. Velma is so precious and wise after her many years of life. She had such a loving owner and such a fun and understanding sister. She was and is loved and most importantly, she always loved in return.

What are your thoughts? I would adopt Velma in a heart-beat. She looks like she’d love to cuddle all day, while I worked. We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a like on Facebook, share with a friend and ask their thoughts, and don’t forget to comment in the section below. We Appreciate You!