Sometimes Helping A Friend Can Quickly Turn To An Unfortunate Trap. I’m Cracking Up!

Interdependence is a factor and quality we look for when we live together with someone. To know that we can depend on them in times of hard ship as well as times of great joy. It’s important to have a balance of sorts, and it certainly goes to show the true character and qualities that should shine if we are to be best friends. There are many instances where you’ll get someone who is willing to go out of their way to make your life a bit easier. Whether it’s taking your turn of doing the dishes or cleaning up around the house for date night, any of these helps and are generally looked upon with love and care. To go out of your way and do something awesome for someone you care about, to sacrifice your freedom to make them happy can set the foundation for an awesome experience and an awesome friendship.

When we happen upon two cats who live together, the mood is light and playful. One gazes wistfully out the window, thinking of all the mice he has yet to attack, all the yarn he hasn’t played with, and all the things left on high shelfs he has yet to knock over. He dreams of a world beyond the thin pane of glass when he feels the gentle care of his live-in buddy. His friend has taken the loving and caring approach to their friendship, attempting to help the young cat when it comes to bathing. As the cat who dreams looks on he thinks up the most devilishly funny plan he has ever thought of. Just when the love is being felt, he pulls the greatest stunt prank that left me in tears. What a mean spirited little kitty.

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