Sometimes All You Need Is A Few Dozen Kittens To Make You Smile

These baby kittens are some of the most adorable and fuzzy creatures I have ever had the privilege to see. They will leave you with a huge smile on your face in a matter of seconds. Everybody has their share of bad days from time to time, but videos like this one can really lift someone’s day up instantly. Just wait till you watch it yourself! Scientific studies have been done that show watching puppies and kittens releases endorphins that actually lower our blood pressure and give us a similar feeling to being in love.

I know you will fall in love with the kittens in the compilation video. Kittens are very innocent animals, and this innocence is so evident in their antics in these clips that you can’t help but adore them when you see what they do! You will feel so good when you watch this video, because it’s filled with adorable kitten goodness! These cats do so many adorable things, you’ll be left with a big grin on your face. There’s just an endless amount of fun in this clip.

It’s a compilation of many adorable kitten moments, and there’s so many of them, it would never end if I tried to describe all the mischievous antics they get up to in this video. I can only hope that you enjoy it as well, and be sure to comment below if you wish.

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