Son Asks His Father To Invite His Friends To Wedding. The Lesson His Dad Imparted? Amazing.

Getting a wedding together is tough. Even if you’re meticulous, there are still a ton of things that creep up right before the wedding that can give the bride and groom night sweats. I remember what it was like in the weeks before the big day, making sure the tux fit, convincing the guys in my party to wear matching tuxes.

Then there’s what this video is about – inviting friends. A son had asked his father to call 50 of his friends and invite them. Who knows why he did this. Maybe this was set in a time before email or cell phones… or even Save The Date cards. I know, I know. Don’t spend too much time trying to poke holes in the logic here. So, he asks dad. Dad says he’ll do that. The day of the wedding, the groom only sees 15 of his friends there.

The son comes to the father, puzzled why there are so few people from the list that he had given him. At first, he thinks his dad didn’t do the favor that he asked him for. Maybe he got busy. No, the father had done what his son asked… with a twist. He’d called all 50 friends and told them that the son was in trouble and he needed help and to be at the wedding location at a certain time. The ones that showed up were the real friends.

Like several other videos that I have written about, this is obviously a story with a life lesson attached to it. This one is about true friendship. The friends who came rushing to the wedding, thinking that their friend was in imminent danger are the ones worth keeping. Those who ignored it deserve to float in a nebulous area of acquaintance, with the full expectation of being let down. Life’s too short to think otherwise.

I did wind up thinking about the nature of true friendships and even reflecting on who did or did not attend the wedding and who I have talked to since then. What did you think about it? Tell us in the comments section. Also, feel free to “Like” us on Facebook.

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