Son Brings Family to Visit Grieving Grandpa and Gift Him a New Furry Companion

Losing a spouse that you’ve been married to for a long time is devastating — losing your dog around the same time? That’s practically a broken heart epitomized. Suddenly having the person that you saw every day for decades not be in your life has to be a very weird feeling.

Widows and widowers do have support groups, but there will still be a lot of time in an empty house or apartment. That’s why family is so important, as we see in this video below.


We see Davy Vanhaesendonck driving a car with his family. Grandpa just lost both his wife and dog in a span of four months. They are going to surprise him with a gift: A cute Yorkie puppy.

They drive up to the house and go in, with Davy’s daughter carrying the puppy inside. Grandpa is sitting in a chair, weeping. He instantly brightens up when he sees the puppy. He asks his granddaughter the dog’s name. She thinks for a second and says, “Snoopy.”


Grandpa has been so lonely. Having this little puppy will help him keep his mind off his troubles. He might need some help getting it toilet trained, though. He’s an older man, and trying to work with a puppy might be very difficult. It seems like he has a very supportive family, though, and I’m sure that they will be more than happy to pitch in and help.

Hopefully, Grandpa and Snoopy enjoy each other’s company for a long time. There are some that thought Davy was a little too glib in giving Grandpa a puppy to help him cope with the loss of his wife, but Grandpa deserves to be happy, and getting to bond with Snoopy is a way for him to get past the cloud of grief that would consume him otherwise. What a delightful gift from a very loving family.

Son Brings Family to Visit Grieving Grandpa and Gift Him a New Furry Companion