Son Receives Touching Tattoo in The Form of A Soundwave of His Father’s Voice

Son Receives Touching Tattoo In The Form Of A Soundwave Of His Father’s AdviceIncredible cyberpunk tattoo art is allowing people to create a lasting impression of sound right on their skin. Soundwave tattoos put up to a 30-second clip of audio on your body, and then you can listen to it by scanning it with an app.

Have you ever wished you could hear the voice of your loved one just one more time, even though you no longer have a recording of them? Now you can be like Josh, who got a soundwave tattoo of his father’s advice imprinted on his arm.

The sound tattoos are the brainchild of tattoo artist Nate Siggard, who creates lasting memories for clients of all types. First, they select the audio they want tattooed, then they go in and have it imprinted in ink on their body. Lastly, they pull out the Sound Motion app and listen to their creation whenever they like.