Son takes elderly dad out to eat. I was so moved by what happened at the end.

Being with an aging parent is always hard. The people that were so strong when you were young are now weaker and almost infirm. A parent becomes a child and a child becomes a parent. Unfortunately, some children then treat their parents like an afterthought, annoyed id they can’t do the things that they used to be able to do. They should see this video about a son and his elderly father.

The video is just text on top of a picture of a man wearing a WII Veteran’s cap. It tells about a son who takes his elderly father to a restaurant. The man is elderly and clearly doesn’t have as much control of his limbs as he used to. Food spills on him, he slurps his drinks and he also drops utensils. It seems the restaurant is filled with a lot of un-understanding folks. The are getting irritated with every drop.

Unruffled, the son takes his father to the restroom and proceeds to clean off the mess on his father’s clothes from the spilled food. The son gets ready to leave with his father and one of the patrons asks if he left anything. Puzzled, the son says no. “You left behind a lesson for all of us on how a son should treat a father through rough times.” Supposedly the whole restaurant falls quiet again as they leave.

Though this is a bit heavy-handed – I can’t think of a single restaurant where people would sit and stare at a son trying to help his elderly father. They would be too busy taking pictures of their meals to post on social media. The general message is a good one, though. A father takes care of his son in his early years. Now it’s only right that the son does it for the father when he becomes elderly and infirm.

What a sweet story about a son’s devotion to his father. It’s not clear how true it is, but I liked the message. How about you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!