Her Son Was Tragically Killed In The Battlefield. This Brave Mother’s Way Of Coping Is Amazing!

I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the pain that a mother feels after losing a son or daughter. I believe that having to bury their kid is the biggest fear that any mother can fathom. Imagining how it must feel to lose your son or daughters in the battlefield is overwhelming. The following story will leave you in awe the strength and love of mothers!

When this particular mother lost her son in combat, she was devastated. Instead of letting the death take a hold of her, however, she decided to do something that changed her life and those around her.Lisa Freeman began to sew. At first, she used sewing to help her sit down and focus her attention away from her son’s death. Then she realized she could use her sewing in order to help others. Using the tattered uniforms of fallen soldiers, Lisa began making teddy bears for the children of the fallen soldiers.

It is very moving to come across stories of courageous mothers, in this case Lisa was able to overcome her son’s death through sheer determination and pure good will. It’s so touching to hear the stories of the lives Lisa has already touched through her teddy bears!

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