When THIS Song Comes On The Radio, You Won’t Believe His Reaction

You’re riding along in a car, either passenger or driver, when it happens. “Check Engine.” No! I mean, your favorite song comes on the radio. Suddenly, you are possessed with the urge to demonstrate to every person in a 10-foot radius – minimum – that you are enjoying the song. This is not a subtle toe-tapper that no one can pick up on.

Meet Jaxson, whose doggy you see in the video. Jaxson starts playing a song and the dog starts flopping his ears to the beat of the music. It’s incredible to watch. At first glance, you might think that something was wrong with his ears… perhaps a persistent fly, or an ear ache. No, it’s him showing how much his ears love the song.

While the video might not seem that interesting at first, it’s just a dog sitting there flopping his ears around. Especially if you’re watching the video on mute and the title isn’t visible. “Why’s this guy recording his dog doing this? Does he have to take him to the vet? Well, at least it’s a short one…” But once you connect the two together, it’s awesome.

Music can reach us on so many levels. As you can tell from this and about a million other videos, humans are far from the only species that enjoy music. Cats and dogs (duh) are some other ones. Those rhythms can do everything from getting amped up for an exercise routine to soothing them to go to sleep. Once again, everyone benefits. Plus we also are lucky enough to get videos like this one. Life would be dull without music.

This video made me look up my favorite songs and rock out for the next half hour. How about you? Let us know what YOUR favorite song is!

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