Soon-To-Be Mother Joyfully Visits Doctor. However, Her Life Changed with Physicians Shocking News!

There are so many different and rare events that happen so often and so sporadically, if you aren’t there to see them or catch them, it can be hard to say they happened at all! With humans, we see that we’ve come quite a long way compared to how we were 50 years ago, from abnormalities to adaptations, we’ve really come a long way. Take even the way we have babies, where 80 years ago, it would have been difficult to give birth without being in a hospital. Or even further back where the mother would suffer health complications and die during pregnancy.

This story, however covers a very rare and odd phenomenon. Allison Camp went to the doctor full of joy. She was pregnant and today was the day the forty-year-old soon to be mom would get to see inside her belly and gaze at her newborn for the first time. Upon examination, Camp’s doctor was amazed. Camp was born with a very rare condition, uterine didelphys (or having two uteruses).

Camp and her husband’s world were turned upside down in just 30 minutes. The doctor made a witty, yet leading statement. First pointing out the condition of the first baby on the diagram. Noting how healthy and regular everything was. Then, after a brief pause, the doctor pointed out the second baby, being held in the second uterus.

The surprising news just confused the couple. They didn’t understand how she could have two uteruses. Upon further inquiry, the doctor made sure to be thorough in his explanation, leaving no stone unturned. After a rather long discussion the two now had twice as many plans! The two joyfully prepared for twins and can’t wait for the day!

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