Soothing piano music relaxes mighty male elephant

Elephant listening piano music

Elephants are creatures that exhibit both power and serenity. The rescued elephants at Elephants World in Thailand have the unique ability to listen to volunteers play piano for them on occasion.


A bull elephant named Chaichana, who lives here, is known for being restless at times. In the late afternoon, Chaichana stands by the piano and stamps his feet, awaiting a song.

The pianist obliges the elephant’s request and plays two pieces by Edvard Grieg: “Air” and “Arietta.” The restless bull elephant takes a seat on the shore, dipping his legs in the cool water.

Elephant listening piano music

He flaps his ears happily and waves his trunk about as if he’s dancing to the soothing music. He swings his feet back and forth in the water like a child at play.

Chaichana gives the pianist a grunt of approval as he starts to play the second piece. This elephant transformed from a ball of energy to a relaxed and calm, gentle giant with the power of music.

Elephant listening piano music

The pianist speaks to him like an old friend. He notes how Chaichana has a particular liking for Grieg. When the music is over, the elephant gracefully gets to his feet and saunters off.

Music is an amazing gift that touches not only humans but also animals such as elephants. These wise creatures know how to appreciate art and receive it as a beautiful gift.

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