Soulful acapella singers delivers shocking cover of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’

Soulful acapella singers

Some people are born with gifts, while others have to learn them. This reality is the case of a group of performers with musical talents. They came together to perform, and it was quite a spectacle.

In a viral video that millions of people had now watched, this team of street musicians did a magical alternative song of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” originally produced by The Tokens.

The scene happened at Washington Square Park in New York City. Although seeing a group of male singers on the sidewalk is not uncommon to many people, this one was extraordinary.

Soulful acapella singers

And what made it outstanding was their voices and how each voice blended so well with the other that it was difficult to believe the rendition was natural. Yet, it was genuinely straight out of their throats.

The crowd was there, vibing to their brass and tenor. The performance felt unreal. There were six in the video — five singers with a man on the cello behind them. The man in a brown shirt was the lead singer.

Whenever the lead singer found the perfect pitch for the song, the rest of the team would calmly slot in and perfect the harmony. Each time the team lead yodeled, each time perfect doo-wop bass lines accompanied him.

The team would later be known as Acapella Soul. People said they are pretty famous in New York City. If you ever find yourself in New York, we suggest you head over to Washington Square Park to enjoy some golden harmonies.

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Soulful acapella singers delivers shocking cover of \'The Lion Sleeps Tonight\'