Soulful San Antonio Latina Singer Turns Four Chair

San Antonio contestant Mandi Castillo sings Juan Gabriel’s “Así Fue” for her The Voice blind audition. The show received a Latin infusion that proved this star’s rich voice and impressive range. It’s no wonder that her favorite singers are listed as Mariah Carey, Sade, and John Legend.

Nick was the first to turn, with Kelly shortly after. A beautiful song unfolded, with Mandi’s power growing and showing. Just before she finished a brilliant audition, John struck his buzzer, followed by Blake. The star had won four-chair turns. All the judges loved her, with Kelly Clarkson saying It was everything it should be for a blind audition” Eventually, the songbird went with her musical influence – Team Legend.

The San Antonio, Texas singer, delivered a near-perfect rendition of Juan Gabriel’s “Así Fue.” All four judges were impressed, and a heated debate ensued. The Latin singer has range like few contestants can compare to, and she is one of the only artists in her genre—what a way to start The Voice.