His ‘Sound Of Silence’ covers the Internet in goosebumps. I can’t believe he’s that good.

You’ll be blown away when Iggi sings Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.”  Oh, but that’s not all.

In this exceptionally rare video, you have the unprecedented opportunity to see the acts that took our breaths away.

You’ll be thrilled when Sofia not only belts out Rag ‘N’ Bone Man’s “Human” but plays the keyboard with a full band backing her.

Be sure to watch until the end to hear Julia blow the roof off the auditorium with Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”

This kids’ version of hit TV talent series The Voice is well-known around the globe and produced in numerous countries in many languages. In case you’re not familiar, it differs from America’s Got Talent in that the entry level for contestants is called Blind Auditions.

The celebrity guests are called coaches instead of judges. Also, they sit in chairs turned away from the singer, making this show all about, you guessed it, the voice.

If a coach likes the singer, he or she can press a button which rotates their chair, signaling to the singer and the audience that they would love the opportunity to work with the performer for the rest of the season.

When two or more judges turn their chairs around at the same time, the lucky contestant gets to pick whom they’d like to coach them. Blind Auditions end when all of the coaches have paired with a set number of contestants. In the kids’ version of the program, singers are known only by their first names.

This incredible collection of clips has been viewed nearly 14 million times and now you can count yourself among them. See why the fans are going wild in the comments section. “Hard to believe that these are kids. Some have voices way beyond their young years, if that makes sense, LOL.”

“That little blond girl absolutely blew my mind, the one that sang Stone Cold, what an old soul. Her voice is so rich for her age. So much passion and soul.”

“Am I the only one who’s crying watching this?”

You may well be answering that question for yourself. Just click the video below to watch “Top 15 The Best Of Best Blind Auditions The Voice Kids” and share it with your friends.