You Will *GASP* at the Gorgeous Kitchen Inside This Tiny House — Oh, and the Bath!

If you were thinking about going on vacations to a different place, take a peek into this fantastic house, you’ll want to pack your suitcase right now… and possibly even buy one yourself. They are insanely affordable.

What more could you ask for? Two bedrooms, a lovely entertainment area with a coze fireplace, a spacious kitchen with all the “normal” appliances… oh, and don’t get me started on the bathroom with that full-sized tub. Read on.

This time we get to see a guided tour of a marvelous small house made by Nelson Tiny Houses, a company that makes a very special type of houses, focusing on keeping it small and modern.

You have to see it yourself, the location is just gorgeous, standing in the middle of a winter forest, surrounded by trees, it is almost unreal.


The house was transported on a truck, but on top of that, the road was so steep they got stuck and had to be pulled by a tractor, it was a real adventure getting the house up there!

As our guide Seth comes near it, he explains the house is built by sections to make it easier to transport, and then get assembled wherever the client wants to set the house.

Everything looks very cozy both on the outside and the inside, there’s quality craftsmanship everywhere.

In the living room, the furniture is multipurpose and modular, with a set of wooden boxes that function as a table, chairs, or a bed, can you believe so much versatility?

Being in such a cold place, it is important having good calefaction, so a very tiny wood stove is set up next to the door, ensuring warmth and style for the whole living area.

Moving on to the next room, Seth visits the kitchen and shows a very nice arrangement with a full fridge, oven, sink and a pantry. This house may be tiny but it’s got you covered for a comfortable stay.

Despite having small rooms, this place brims with marvelous ideas and designs to make storage, they even made drawers on the stairs, what a nice way to take advantage of the space.

After showing all the other rooms, by minute 12:54 our guide brings the attention to one the most important places in the house: the bedroom. It is a marvel how they can make such a beautiful and comfy place with just a few objects.

Viewers were amazed at this dream house, many people claimed this house to be their choice to buy when moving. One fan said “I’ve watched a lot of tiny house videos but I keep coming back to this one. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. By far, my absolute favorite!”.

Another viewer commented “Wow. I’m speechless. This is one of the best tiny houses I have ever seen and I’ve seen hundreds. Great finish quality and space design. Bravo!”

This has really opened our eyes to the possibilities of living in a tiny home. The ingenious space-maximizing floorplans in all of the homes we’ve seen made by this Nelson Tiny Houses are so outlandishly brilliant, is nothing short of sheer genius. The craftsmanship is second-to-none to be sure. The fact that their homes are made in the USA is the icing on the cake.

Did you like the style of this tiny house?  What room did you like the most? Dive into the videos and get a feeling of coziness yourself.