Special Box Of Tissues Gives More Than Tissues!! You’d Be Surprised To See What’s In The Box!

Kittens, just like other baby animals, are a curious lot and when they come across something new that could be treated as a potential toy, you know playtime is on. This home video shows two kittens being great explorers and contortionists of great talent. The video starts with one kitten trying to get into an empty box of tissues. The effort is hilarious and quite endearing and I was quite content to watch the futile efforts. In fact, I didn’t think the kitten would fit. The furry body, however small, seemed like an impossible fit for the small box.

But I was completely taken by surprise! Just when the kitten moved away from the box, I noticed another kitten happily lying inside the box!!! I was so amazed! That tiny little fur ball managed to squeeze through the tiny opening on the tissue box to comfortably fit inside. If the second kitten hadn’t moved away, there’s no way I would’ve guessed there was another fur baby inside.

After a while the cute little kitten tried to make its way free and tore the opening a little, which made me wonder on how it fit so comfortably inside without a dent to be seen! They seem to be talented characters to fit into tiny nook and crannies. Kittens seem to have this love affair with cardboard boxes and I absolutely LOVED watching the antics of these two kittens as they explored the ever, oh-so-tiny world of the tissue box.

Have you watched this video? What did you think of it? I was laughing so much and I still have a smile on my face! Send us your thoughts in the comments section – We love hearing from you!

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