This Special Needs Horse Loves His Caretaker… See What He Did When He Was Putting On His Shoes!

Jack is a special needs horse that is looked after by Project Stables. This adorable horse was born with a condition called wry mouth. The people taking care of him initially thought that he would have to be euthanized because of it. But after some research they came across a vet that would operate on him. But there was one condition: Jack had to be four months old for the operation, and in the meantime, he had to be bottle fed every three hours.

Even though his surgery was successful, Jack has now developed a heart condition. But in spite of the things he has gone through, this horse wants to spread all the love and happiness in his heart. This video features a moment between Jack and his farrier Al. Jack has a special way of showing his appreciation when Al puts on his shoes. Wait till you see it!

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