A Special Singer Put This Elephant To Bed, AWWW Cuteness Overload

Save the Elephant Foundation does some amazing work at their location in Thailand. They are a non-profit elephant rescue that works with…ahem… you guessed it! Elephants! They provide care to the elephant population there. You can tell that this trainer really loves her elephants and takes care of them when she hangs out with them.

I love the way Faamai wraps her trunk around Lek to pull her in for a hug – isn’t this just so human? After the hug, she starts singing a song, and the elephant slowly gets down on the ground and closes her eyes while caretaker Lek continues to croon and pet her skin.

Even though Faamai is such a huge creature as compared to Lek, this gentle giant falls asleep every time she hears Lek singing her lullaby. Watch how she dozes off to sleep while her pachyderm friends come closer to hear the singing.

This is a true bond between human and elephant and you can really tell the trust level between the two is huge. Kudos to these guys who work at the Elephant Park. If my pet only fell asleep when I sang – lol, my dog just runs away! Do you have any tricks to get your pet or baby to sleep? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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