Spectacular light show in Church might be what heaven on earth feels like — a sight to behold

You might be tempted to say it’s a bit of heaven on earth, but at the very least you have to admit it’s a heavenly sort of sensory overload. What we’re referring to is a spectacular sound and light show at the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal.

Located in the city’s historic district, the Gothic revival style basilica sits on the site of the city’s original parish church, which was built back in 1672. The present structure was built in the 1820s, although the interior wasn’t finished until the 1870s. Ah, but what an interior! There’s an unbelievable amount of ornately carved wood, a ceiling covered in gold and silver stars, and much of it is bathed in an unusual but beautiful blue light. Away from the blue-lit nave, other parts of the basilica are illuminated in a stunning palate of different colors. For music, there’s a massive organ that has over 7,000 pipes.

The pipe organ was actually quite modern in its day, the first of its type to use electricity. To celebrate the city of Montreal’s 375th birthday, the basilica brought in the folks from Moment Factor, a multimedia design company, to create a spectacular sound and light show, a sensory experience that unfolds right there in the nave of the basilica. As “Aura” is described on its web site: “Light unveils the richness of the Notre Dame Basilica’s heritage and invites us to celebrate its beauty. The experience begins with a path of lights, revealing the Basilica’s wealth of exquisite works. A progressive immersion into a sonically and visually captivating universe guides visitors to the heart of Notre Dame. Then, light, orchestral music and grandiose architecture combine to create a unique, three-act multimedia spectacle.”

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