Spectacular Views Created by Flight Simulator From Microsoft

The Earth is filled with jaw-dropping and unbelievable views just about everywhere you look. While one person may be mesmerized by the concrete jungle that is Manhattan, another may find solace in the Swiss Alps.

Thanks to the newest flight simulator from the geniuses over at Microsoft, we’re getting new and improved sights worldwide. Depending on what size screen you watch the footage on, it can look eerily realistic.

Showing bustling sea-side cities to cotton candy clouds as the sunsets, the flight simulator gives the everyday person a unique look into the world around them. Not all of us can fly a plane, but we assume this is what it would feel like.

Microsoft is world-renowned for making improvements in the tech industry. No one knows what will come next from the massively successful company, but if it’s anything like this, we are more than excited to see it.