Spectators cynical when Mike Rowe crashes Barbershop Quartet—until he belts it out and they go wild

A few moments into harmonizing on their opening number, a figure appeared in the shadows at the edge of the stage. As he sauntered comfortably toward the mic the audience grew downright perplexed. They must have exchanged many a wide-eyed glance with each other at this seeming spoiler. The song had just begun. Was there a technical difficulty? The intruder’s disarming smile must have surely put them at ease. Mike Rowe is the comical emcee of the TV series Daily Jobs, but he has a secret skill that his admirers likely don’t have a clue about. As he took center stage with ease, heads began to nod and smiles appeared throughout the auditorium.

To the spectators’’ delight, Rowe maneuvered gracefully into the center of the quartet and opened his mouth to croon along. It seemed like a joke at first—something the audience might expect from Mike Rowe—and they chuckled at his hijinks.

A few seconds later they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The intonations coming from Rowe’s throat were nothing to laugh at. He is studied at seeming casual, and he displayed a devilish smile when he intruded on their harmonizing, but his seriousness was evident from the moment he sung his first note.

The joke of turning the quartet into a quintet went off without a hitch for Mr. Rowe, but his actually contributing to their performance in such a strong way had to be a difficult task. His artistry was on display as he joined them on the classic ‘Sweet and Lovely.’

The audience may have been taken aback initially, but a few notes into the surprise they were overjoyed.
Get a gander at the lovable Mike Rowe stealing the show in this electrifying clip.