Speedo Is An Amazing Kitten, But You’ll Be Shocked When You Find Out Why He Was Named That Way!

Every now and then life gives us lemons and the best thing we can do is make lemonade. Such is the story of Speedo, a beautiful black kitten that was born with a sever case of Swimmer’s Syndrome, a birth defect whereby the hind legs and sometimes the front ones too are splayed out laterally to the side of the body resulting in inability or difficulty to stand or walk.

Speedo was in no pain and his health besides the Swimmer’s Syndrome was perfect. Still, when Speedo was diagnosed with this, the doctors thought it would be best to put Speedo down due to the likely low number of possible adoptees. Well boy were they wrong! Check out the video and you’ll understand!

Word of Speedo spread like wild fire on the web and a young and loving couple was immediately found that was willing to adopt Speedo. What did you think of Speedo playing around? Isn’t he the cutest? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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