He Spent His Life Trying To Save Those Wild Horses… Wait Till You See What Happened Then! OMG!

Dayton O’Hyde is a cowboy, a conservationist, and an award-winning writer who has been preserving an important part of America through incredible perseverance. In 1990, Dayton moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota. There he dedicated his life to operate an 11,000 acre sanctuary for wild horses; sometimes even going up against the government. “This is as close to heaven as I’ll probably ever get”, he says. When you see this clip, you will know what he means!

Hundreds of wild mustangs now run wild and free at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. It is located in South Dakota amidst a peaceful rural environment. It is surrounded by the flowing Cheyenne River and it remains as one of the wildest places in America. The following video is a trailer for a 2013 documentary called “Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O’Hyde.” It gives a short glimpse into this exciting place.

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