He Spent Two Hours Building A Cat Door, But His Cat’s Reaction Is Unexpected

When a cat has a desire to come inside the house, they’re usually not shy at all to show it. Every cat owner knows that once they want something, they will scratch and meow for hours and hours to get what they want, but they’ll always find their own way in the end. Philo the cat has his own particular way to show when he wants in or out the door, and when Dad noticed his problem, he decided to do something about it himself.

Philo’s dad is Brian, and he was set on the mission to build his kitty a special door just for his use. When he finished the project, the cat’s reaction was surely not what he expected. Brian thought his cat would be more independent and would use the door to get exactly what he wanted when he wanted it. He spent almost two hours building it, but after all of his hard work, well, you know how cats are. They just react how they want with no consideration for their owner’s efforts. If they like it, good, and if not, tough luck. And Philo’s case is just hilarious!

He tries out the door for the first time, to try and please his human for all the hard work he did for him. But once you see his reaction, you’ll see that animals don’t always act like you expect them to.

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