He Spotted A Baby Elephant Lying Alone, But When He Tried To Comfort Him? Unbelievable!

Elephants are one of the most magnificent and intelligent creatures in the whole world. Their giant stature often eclipses their gentle nature. They are also known to be quite sociable, raising their young as a herd rather than as a single parent. Elephants do not thrive when left alone. And more often than not, they try to make friends with humans, especially when they are babies. Take for example the video featured below! You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see this.

When Jono Du Preez visited an elephant Sanctuary in northern Thailand, he made a new friend. A tiny baby elephant approached him and gave him some big hugs. The little guy loves to cuddle and he just couldn’t bring himself to separate from his new pal.

Thankfully, this cute interaction was recorded on camera for us all to see! This baby elephant seems to think he is a lap dog, and he really takes a liking to Jono. He wants nothing more than to be as close as possible to him and sit in his lap and be loved. What an experience it must have been for the man!

This clip is sure to make your day, and it might just make you want a baby elephant as a pet. Just remember, they don’t stay babies forever.

Watch this amazing video below! Would you like to trade places with that guy and get some cuddles from a baby elephant? Let us know what you thought about the clip in the comments section!

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