They Spotted Something Unusual 2 Miles Off The Shore. But What Happened Then? WHOA!

When J.R. Gilkinson was out at sea two miles off the Newport Beach in California, he had the chance of experiencing something truly incredible. In his own words, “It was an experience of a 1000 lifetimes.” He and his fellow companions were hoping to record some footage of a sea lion colony, but what happened next was beyond imaginable, and it was also really cute.

He says that it was a day at sea that he will never forget. During their trip, they noticed a baby sea lion swimming towards their boat, so they started filming him. But they noticed that he looked kind of tired. One of the women says, “He wants to come on the boat.” After that, the little guy DID climb on their boat!

He made his way to Gilkinson and he didn’t seem a bit scared. He actually spent an entire hour with them! He’s rubbing his neck on Gilkinson’s legs and his eyes are closed. He actually looks like he wants to go to sleep. As I watched this video, I wondered if he actually had done this before because he seemed that comfortable with this family on this boat.

In this part of the video, no one pets him. He is a wild animal, after all. I don’t know if they touched him after they stopped filming, but in this clip, the sea lion is the one who approached them and put his head in Gilkinson’s lap. He is so cute. I wish they had filmed him leaving the boat. I still want to know what happened!

Watch this trusting baby sea lion in the video below. What would you have done if something like this happened to you? Let us know in the comments!

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