They Spotted A Stranded Baby Moose On The Road. What These Bikers Did Moved Me To Tears.

There many cases in which helpless animals are left alone by their mothers or their pack and no one can explain why for. The clip here shows one of these unfortunate babies. Thankfully there were some amazing humans in this story that stepped in and stepped up to help out a fellow moose calf.

Most national parks will tell you not to help the animals. If the mother is nearby, this could really cause trouble for the humans that are trying to help out, not to mention the baby animal. Many mother animals won’t accept the baby after having contact with a human. But in this case, the baby seemed a little of sorts.

When this group of bikers came by and saw this stranded moose calf on a busy roadway, they went out of their way to help the guy out. The moose’s mother was not to be seen anywhere, and the caring bikers decided to check the things out a little further. The tiny helpless baby moose looks like he doesn’t mind the humans either, which may mean that this was the first time he’d been around them and he had no idea he was supposed to be afraid!

The bikers help out by giving him some Gatorade to alleviate his thirst, although he doesn’t seem to have any interest in the sugary sports drink. Sometimes after wandering for a while a moose may need salt as much as water. He seems like his is only one or two days old so anyone’s guess as to what happened here. Please check out this great story and footage of these wonderful people helping out and then share it with your friends as well as leave a comment below.