Spraying cooking oil into my freezer is the secret to keeping it from turning horrendous.

Life is full of perils and issues. Some of them are tough and some of them are not that bad, but you only need to put it some hard work to solve them. Take for instance snow and ice. When it snows, it brings back memories of your childhood. Presents under the tree, a fireplace, people singing carols… Another thing associated with snow is maybe a frozen lake.

You can go skating with your friends, as long as it is safe and have a wonderful time. You can make a snowman and get into snowball fights. I guess snow and ice are very cool, right? (no pun intended). Well, not always. Snow and ice can be a hassle to get rid of, especially if that’s what you are trying to do. Now, if you happen to live somewhere where snow is abundant, it gets even tougher.

Picture yourself getting ready to work. You need to get there on time because you have a presentation. Everyone in the company you work in is counting on you to bring the slides and handouts. You know that it snowed the day before, so you woke up a little earlier to take care of the snow. Suddenly, you open the door, only to find inches and inches of snow that won’t be taken care of in a few minutes.

Other times, the ice problem is not in your driveway but in your freezer. It is as if a mini blizzard has hit your freezer when you haven’t cleaned it out in a while. If your refrigerator is not as new as you would like to, the problem gets even worse. It has more frost than the North Pole. Usually, you notice it the minute you need to use it for something. Something like this is going to take forever, right?

Well, here are a few ways that you can get out of cold situations like these in much less time than you had anticipated. And the answer to your prayers happens to be right there in your kitchen– cooking spray. That’s right. These are a few ways you can use this magical ingredient to slip and slide your way through heavy snow and hard-to-break ice easily. And that includes freezers who like to act up in July.

As you know, shoveling snow is just the start of your problems. When you are shoveling extra wet and heavy snowfalls, you are left with super sticky snow that doesn’t want to leave the shovel. This tip will work better if you have a plastic shovel. Apply several coats of cooking spray to your shovel and watch how the snow glides off like a dream!

Would you like to know how to solve the ever-present problems of defrosting your freezer and preventing your car doors from freezing shut? Just click on the video and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends. They will thank you for it!