“This Cute Little Squirrel Obviously Has Some Good Table Manners!”

Squirrels can be cute animals, but make no mistake about it they are wild. Very seldom can a Squirrel be domesticated and trained to live among people. Yet, watch this cute little Squirrel featured here we have to wonder just how wild he actually is given how he eats the slice of cucumber.

The little Squirrel doesn’t gobble the slice down in one gulp. Nope! He takes the slice of cucumber in his paws and starts to take little bites from it. This is quite cute to watch since this little guy is eating the vegetable in such a dainty manner!

He apparently finishes one slice then shows his paws letting it be known that he wants another slice — which he gets and begins to again display his good table manners by eating it in small bites.

However, he obviously doesn’t like to share since when another little Squirrel showed up wanting some of the cucumber as well, he literally ignores his companion and just goes on eating the cucumber, keeping it all for himself! https://youtu.be/YCGRfNIlZSU