Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott Adopted A Little Kitten While On Duty! AWWW!

Soldiers are forbidden from taking in stray animals during deployment and duty. This is understandable given that taking care of another creature in extreme conditions may bring more grief than relief sometimes.  However, there is another side, adopting strays also gives soldiers a motivation to keep going when they may not have it. it’s still incredibly hard for some soldiers to ignore helpless and abandoned animals whose homes were tarnished by the horrors of war. So sometimes, they disobey and lend a hand.

When Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott lost two of his close friends in Afghanistan on one tragic day, he felt his world crumble at his feet. He had lost all hope and was ready to give up. That’s when he stumbled upon a stray cat named Koshka. His bond with this cat reminded him of life back home in Oregon, and it inspired him to live for that life again. Having to care for another being is one of the best ways to appreciate life once more. Knott truly found hope again thanks to Koshka!

Koshka saved Jesse’s life, and he was determined to return the favor. But to keep Koshka safe from harm’s way, he would have to disobey orders.

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