Daughter Sees Dad in Military Formation, but Just Can’t Wait For a Hug

When we find ourselves away from loved ones for a long time, the feeling that we get when we finally get to see them again is one of pure joy. There is nothing that we want more than to give all of our time and attention to our loved ones the moment we see them. This feeling is just that much greater for parents who have been away from their children for far too long.

With this feeling of overwhelming connection just around the corner, one can only imagine the anticipation going through a soldier’s mind when they have one last thing to do before they can finally see the ones they love so much, the homecoming ceremony. This formal ceremony is an important ritual. It is a way to signify the soldier’s return as well as welcome them back to their country.


Most spouses and older children understand this and are able to wait patiently for just a few more minutes as they wait for the moment they long so much for. For this little girl, however, waiting through the ceremony was not something that she had in mind.

As most of the families and soldiers waited with suspense and anticipation to be reunited, this little girl, overcome with excitement, ran to her father who was standing in formation and gave him a hug. In this adorable moment, all of the formalities of the ceremony were temporarily dropped as everyone watched with tears of joy — what a sweet moment with this little girl and her daddy.

Daughter Sees Dad in Military Formation, but Just Can\'t Wait For a Hug