She Stares Into The Eyes Of A Dying Dog. What Follows Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle!

“Rescue from the Hart,” a Los-Angeles-area animal rescue organization, got a tip-off about a badly abused dog. What volunteers from the group found was a dog whose owner had been deliberately starving her for several months. It was a particularly shocking case of cruelty.

The poor dog was little more than a living skeleton, just skin and bones, her ribs all-too-visible. She had a sad, haunted look in her eyes. The dog’s organs were starting to shut down and it looked like she might be at death’s door. She was so weak that she had to be handled very carefully. Her leg and paws even had to be positioned for her when she was placed on a blanket. Although it would require a near-miracle, staff at Rescue from the Hart were determined to do everything possible to save the dog, who they named Angel.

Early on in the recovery process, Angel could only be fed very small amounts of food at one time. Your first instinct might have been to give this starving dog all the steak and hamburgers she could possibly eat. But paradoxically, too much food could have killed her. Gradually, though, Angel was able to eat more and more, soon having the energy to get up and gobble treats without any help. She also got a lot of love from shelter volunteers and that surely made a big difference. One visitor was a little girl who stared lovingly into the dog’s eyes, letting her know that there were people who cared for her.

As Angel’s health got better, her spirits improved in a big way and her personality started to shine through. She was trotting and wagging her tail, starting to look like a normal, happy dog. Once fully recovered, Angel was looking great, running around and playing with other dogs, the sad, haunted look gone from her eyes. Best of all, she ended up finding a forever home.

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