He Started Arguing With His Cockatoo. But What The Cockatoo Said In Response Cracked Me Up!

You have probably heard of Maxwell the Mollucan cockatoo before. This little guy might look adorable, but he has a lot of sass. He is well-known on the Internet since his owner often posts some of his adorable videos about him on YouTube.

The video below features Max’s morning routine. Wait till you see what this 12-year-old bird does! It is definitely Max’s morning routine, but he draws his owner into it every day by refusing his request to get back in his cage.

Every time his owner has to leave for work, he asks Max to get into his cage. But the stubborn bird boldly refuses. He starts complaining and even shows some attitude to his dad. In this clip, he goes into the kitchen and after a bit more discussion, decides it is time to play with his toys. He has his own toy box in the kitchen!

His antics will crack you up for sure! According to his dad, you will never win if you end up arguing against a cockatoo – especially someone as cheeky as Maxwell! I believe it after seeing this clip. His dad must be late to work every day because of his beloved bird.

Maxwell’s refusal to get in his cage is proof to me that these birds are smarter than we give them credit for. He knows just how to argue to get his way, and how to avoid his dad’s request. I’d say that’s as smart as any toddler or teenage, wouldn’t you?

Watch this adorable video below! Did this little bird make you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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