She Started Braiding Her Horse’s Mane, But When I Saw The End Result, I Couldn’t Believe It!

Horses are magnificent creatures. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are very intelligent, social and playful. Equestrians have been beautifying their horses by braiding their manes for a long time. Horse mane “braiding” is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It is considered to be a great way of maintaining your horse’s hair health. It also gives them a polished and professional appearance.

There are lots of myths surrounding horse hair braiding too. Horses have a protective layer of grease in their manes, so a stable horse should be brushed down every day in order to get rid of excess knots and dirt. Horses that are kept outside can easily form tangles due to grease, wind, or running around with other horses as well. The video below shows a useful video on how to braid a horse’s mane.

Plaited manes are primarily used in competition’s and are required in dressage competitions. They make the horse look neat and tidy, and even stylish. Plaiting has become more and more detailed over the years as a variety of techniques are used to make the braid look more unique.

This clip shows a unique trick for making the hair easier to manage by using egg whites instead of water. Who knew? It makes the hair more flexible and shiny. Whatever technique you want to use to braid your horses mane, you can find it here in this clip.

Watch this video below! Do you think braiding their mane looks good? Let us know in the comments!

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