He Started Cutting That Weird Egg, But When THIS Came Out Of It? My Jaw DROPPED! Whoa

The sea is a mysterious place. You never know what you are going to encounter when you are out there. Not all sea creatures are terrifying, but not all of them are friendly either. Sharks are probably one of the most frightening things to see from the ocean depths. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are known to be apex predators. But as this video shows, even sharks can be cute sometimes!

The man in the clip is helping a brown-banded bamboo shark come out of its egg. Also referred to as cat sharks, they are one of the few sharks that are born outside their mother’s belly. This particular species of shark has brown and white horizontal stripes the full length of its body, making it very unique compared to other sharks.

A shark’s egg is also nicknamed as “mermaid’s purse.” The egg is brown and kind of looks like leather. It appears to be quite thick. I’m not sure why the man had to help the shark emerge from the egg, as I think in nature they emerge by themselves.

However, the baby looks really lively and healthy as he finally breaks out. I had never seen a shark birth before this! This baby bamboo shark looks quite happy to be free, and ready to move on to a bigger space to explore. What an amazing thing to see!

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