Can You Guess Why This ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale Was The Most Viewed Ever?

Oh my gosh, this finale for Dancing with the Stars hit a new peak! I took a little survey – and yep, no doubt about it – most of us girls could watch the whole program with nothing more that those talented guys doing their thing on the screen!  Dreamboats for sure!

For all those fab moves and tantalizing music, everyone of them look as though they are enjoying entertaining us as much as we enjoy being entertained!  Anything you want?  How about even more of those dudes dancing across the screen – don’t know about you, but I’m not complaining.

It’s amazing to me that along with creating and teaching all the new dances to the contestants/partners, that the dance group gals and guys of Dancing With the Stars perform so many wonderful numbers in one night!  The competition to win that glitter globe is amazing.  Winning  means so much to the dancers – what great entertainment each season has been.  Just seems to get better and better!

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