This Puppy Uses All His Cute Skills to Keep His Human Playing Piano

It has been proven that animals love listening to music as much as humans do. If you don’t believe me, watch this little puppy in the video below! This puppy is definitely a music enthusiast. His owner noticed that whenever he stopped playing the piano, the little puppy started to cry. So luckily for us, he grabbed his camera and filmed it!

This video is a treat for all the lovers of dogs and music. The owner’s piano skills are beautiful, and the little pup just adds to the charm. What a perfect combination! I couldn’t hold back my smile when the puppy followed his dad back and forth.


This is just too cute. This little puppy not only follows his pet dad to the piano; as soon as his owner sits down, the puppy gets comfy by curling up on his owner’s left foot. He’s settled in for a long music session, and when his owner stops, he follows him off camera and starts crying. It’s so sweet.

The owner comes back and starts playing again, and the puppy goes right back in position on his owner’s left foot. He curls up, head on his owner’s foot, and it is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It happens every time he walks away from the piano. I guess he’ll have to wait until the puppy needs a potty break to stop playing again.

This Puppy Uses All His Cute Skills to Keep His Human Playing Piano