She Started Recording Her Baby, But She Wasn’t Expecting Her Dog To Do THIS! Amazing!

You love your children to the end of the world. Parenthood can be a fun experience, but some parts of it make you want to cry, like changing diapers. Thankfully for this mom, she has got a helping hand to sort out the mess.

Her beagle named Charlie brings the required materials to her side. And he also knows how to throw the used diapers in the bin too! What a smart pooch! And one of the best parts is when he jumps up to give his owner some high-fives after he completes each task. He doesn’t look too thrilled about throwing away the dirty diapers, but he does it without protest. How clever!

Charlie’s humans said that when their baby was born, they noticed Charlie’s special bond with their daughter from early on, so they began filming him as he helped care for her. Charlie the dog was introduced to baby, Laura, the moment she came home. They taught him how to help change her diapers, swing her baby crib, change the traffic lights when we cross the street and play gently with her.

But the one thing this family never had to teach him was how to love their daughter. Charlie shows how babies and dogs can be the best of friends and he demonstrates that he is an important part of the family and the unconditional love and joy he provides is immeasurable.

This beagle is the definition of awesome, you go Charlie! Watch the video below! What are your thoughts about it? Share it in the comments!

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