He Started Running On The Beach. But When His Horses Saw Him, Watch How They Responded!

Men have been friends with horses for a long time now. Historians believe that the earliest domestication of horses might have happened around 3500 B.C.E. in Central Asia, probably around modern-day Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This spread throughout the world within the next few hundred years. It is actually quite easy to see why horses became so popular and so useful to humans.

Horses help humans to accomplish tasks they cannot complete themselves. Not only do they have incomparable strength and stamina, but they are very intelligent and good-natured animals. They provide good company and they can be well-trained. This next clip is certainly proof of that.

This clip below features an accomplished horse trainer called David Lichmann. David is at the beach in Pt. Reyes, California having some fun with his horses. He has spent many hours working with horses and that is evident in this beautiful footage!

In part of the video he is teaching them a specific type of step used in dressage. As he raises his crop, they raise their leg to take a step in sync with each other. I can’t imagine how many hours he spent with them to perfect this step.

The way they look at him and obey is proof that these horses have a very strong bond with David. He is one lucky man to have the devotion of these three horses.

Watch the video below! Did this horse trainer impress you? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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