He Started Singing Alone In An Empty Church And What Happened Next Left Me In Tears

Peter Hollens has been involved in acapella music since he was only 17 years old, but you will think he has been singing acapella much longer than he has when you hear him sing in this video. Along with a friend, he founded the University of Oregon’s acapella group called On The Rocks, which was also the first collegiate acapella group in Oregon. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone so  young. He has accumulated a lot of fans over the years and he regularly uploads new music videos on his YouTube channel as well.

This video features Peter’s newest Christmas release for this year, and you are sure to love his spin on this holiday song. He sings a mind-blowing rendition of “Mary Did You Know” and I’m sure you’ve never heard anything like it before. You are definitely going to be in awe when you witness this amazing one man acapella for yourself.  The setting may have something to do with how great he sounds. He’s in a church with great acoustics, but I’m sure he could sing anywhere it would sound beautiful. I always loved Pentatonix’s take on this timeless classic, but Peter’s cover is now my favorite. This is sure to put you in the spirit of the holidays.

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