She Started Singing “Amazing Grace” To Her Daughter, But You Haven’t Heard It Like THIS!

Megan McMorris going by the stage name “Singing Mommy” recorded “Amazing Grace” with Na-G. A lot of people, including famous singers like John Legend and Dolly Parton, have already sung the song. But McMorris recorded the song for her daughter, Louise, who was born with albinism. She wants to bring awareness to the genetic disorder through music.

One in 17,000 people are affected by albinism, which prevents the body from producing melanin. People with this disorder cannot be in the sun without protection and their skin and hair appear very white.

McMorris feels that the hardest part for her is not being able to make eye contact with her daughter suffering from bad vision, which is also caused by albinism. But, she also knows that a lot of people have it worse and can’t wait to see what her daughter’s future holds. Her daughter wears special glasses, but still has difficulty seeing.

Na-G and Singing Mommy sing Amazing Grace like you’ve never heard before! After hearing it, you will be singing it in your head for days! Since Louise has no pigment in her hair, skin and eyes, this causes her to have very poor vision. As a result, Louise attends weekly therapy at Anchor Center for Blind Children and we get to meet some of those children in this video. In order to spread awareness, Na-G and Singing Mommy created this very heartfelt version of “Amazing Grace” and Na-G puts a particularly unique spin on it.

You’ve never heard “Amazing Grace” sung like this. But the best part of this video is watching the kids at the Anchor Center enjoy their day and learn, even though they are all visually impaired. They have hopes and dreams like anyone else, and they are Amazing Kids.

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