She Started Singing “O Holy Night”. Just See What Occurs When Those Kids Join In…

Everyone just simply loves Christmas time!  The stores are hopping with excited people looking for the best deals; houses smell like a professional bakery. The outside of homes are decorated with twinkling lights and our hearts are merry and bright and there’s love and cheer in the air.

Thankfully that means the return of Christmas music too. This is the main reason everyone is so cheerful. So many songs can bring you back to your childhood with just a few notes. My all-time favorite is O Holy Night. I always found it to be very moving and emotional. That’s why I was so excited to hear Susan Boyle deliver one of the very best versions of O Holy Night that I have heard to date. You’re sure to enjoy this version that Susan sang live on television.

Susan Boyle jumped into our hearts back when she appeared on the hit television show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Many people didn’t think all that much about her when she came onstage for her audition, but once she started to sing everyone knew she would win that season

In this amazing footage, Susan sings her beautiful version of “O Holy Night” for us and it is just stunning! Then when you think it’s come to a climax a full choir chimes in and really brings the song to a whole new level.

It begins with her singing very soft and low, expertly accompanied by the heavenly voices of the talented choir. With each line, the tune builds momentum, enthusiasm, and volume. Please let us know what you think about it in the comments and then share it with family!

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