She Started Singing And Playing Guitar. Keep Your Eye On The Cat…

Luisa Sobral is a musician from Portugal who went to Austin, Texas, to play on the SXSW music festival, and in between her shows, she decided to record a special clip for all of her fans. During her filming, however, an unexpected furry friend decided to pay her a visit and join in her fun.

Luisa was recording herself using a GoPro camera, while she played her guitar and sang her own song, “Not With You” on a nice outdoor setting. While she was playing, however, a stray cat walked by the scene and got his attention called by Luisa’s beautiful song. He sits on the bench next to Luisa and seems as happy as he can ever get with the music. I’ve never seen a cat be so spontaneously pleased with a stranger like that!

The kitty seems pretty relaxed and laid back, and stays for the rest of the song, even letting Luisa Sobral pet him after she was finished. The pair looks too adorable, and the scene perfectly matches the tone of Luisa’s amazing song. She should start bringing him to her presentations!

You can watch Luisa performing with her kitty friend in the video just below, and if you like it, share it on your feed on Facebook!

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