She Starts Dancing, But When The Dog Does THIS, I Was In Shock!

In the yearly Eurasia dog talent show, in Moscow, a dog trainer and his canine partner did the most amazing free-style performance. It’s another generation of dog training competition and talent showcasing, that retains some of the technical and discipline based roots of the classic competitions, but with the added factors of tricks and also free dancing. It allows for a completely new and interactive way for dogs and their trainers to perform together.

The amazing clip below shows a duo composed of a man and a dog, who come into the stage to perform the most impressive routine. They have trained together for months just for this moment, and the dog is happy to show everything that he has learned thanks to his patient and talented human friend. In this type of competitive dog shows, the dogs “dance” along to the music in sync with their trainers and/or parents.

Since the style of dancing includes just about everything and anything that a dog can do, from jumping and spinning to all sorts of rolls and weird positions that they have to do while keeping themselves synchronized with their human companions. It’s an amazing display of talent, for sure!

See this adorable dog performance in the video we put right below.


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