He Starts Dancing In Front Of Him, But Watch What This Hilarious Horse Did! Priceless!

Horses are definitely majestic creatures. They all have very different personalities and enjoy certain specific things. In the case of this one adorable horse, he loves listening to music! Many horse like to be brushed and groomed, while some of them hate it. There are horses that love to interact with others around them, while some just can’t bear company. Some are lazy and want to spend all their lives in their stalls, while their counterparts prefer sprinting across the field.

Music is something that connects animals as well as humans, we all enjoy this particular creative field. However this horse definitely beats all of us! This horse’s personality definitely favors notes and once you see how he reacts to it you will be speechless! The owner of this horse played “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor on her phone and then she began to dance! This video is so absolutely endearing, I love seeing all animals enjoying the various rhythms.

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